What This Officers Lapel Camera Captured Saved His Career [WATCH]

Albuquerque police officer Jared Frazier pulled over a 23-year-old woman when he saw her driving sporadically.

Deanna Griego got out of the car when asked and started trying to explain her behavior. All of it was caught on the officer’s lapel camera, KOB 4 reports.

“I’m going to school for being a cop,” Griego said. “[I have a] speech impairment. It’s embarrassing.”

During this time she can be seen subtly hiding her phone inside her shirt.

Then she failed the sobriety test and was taken to the station where she was found to have .13 blood alcohol concentration.

At the station, she asked if she could go to the bathroom.

“Bathroom’s on your left — your other left,” Frazier said after uncuffing her.

Then Griego took her phone out and could be heard asking “How can I get this officer in trouble?”

“You’re not allowed to do that,” Frazier said. “Go ahead and step out. You’re on the phone; you need to step out.”

“[You were] inappropriately touching me while I was waiting in the car,” Griego shot back. “Please don’t touch me.”

“The whole thing’s on video ma’am; you can say whatever you like,” the officer said.

Frazier’s been cleared of any wrongdoing thanks to his lapel camera.
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