Sex, Money, More Sex And Immunity

prince-andrew-sex-case-claimsIt’s good to be king, or at least a prince, and an ex president and a gazillionaire. In the present day culture, it means you can buy, engage, obtain what ever you want and experience no or little consequence. This story may play out with just that end.

In 2005 an undercover investigation of Jeffery Epstein, his beautiful island retreat on Little St. James U.S. Virgin Islands and varied sexual encounters with underage girls, as young as 14, took place in exchange for $200 and $300 per “massage” yielded little more than a stern reprimand. (This later turned into 13 months time served of an 18 month sentence.)

However, when another victim filed a $500 million civil suit, in federal court, things became a little more high profile.

It turns out Epstein allowed his island sexual paradise to be the guest spot for several high profile visitors, as well. Names like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew Duke of York, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, were just some of “friends” who frequented Epstein’s hospitality.

How and if the “friends of Epstein” will be implicated in any wrongdoing is up for debate/investigation according to Intellihub.

Never let it be said that Epstein isn’t loyal to his clientele/friends. International Business Times reports Epstein negotiated a plea to shield Prince Andrew from prosecution for any alleged activity in the sex trafficking that took place on Little St. James island.

While Buckingham Palace vehemently denies any involvement by the prince, in the scandal, it does seem that the “significant social and political connections” of Epstein were key in obtaining some immunity.

In any case, several women have come forward to join the suit, but they may not have the horse-power to pull down this powerful network.

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