[VIDEO] Police Officer Releases Woman From Jail Cell, Then Drives Her To His Home For Sex

People are disappointed that an officer received a light punishment for taking a woman from her jail cell to his home.

The officer of was accused of taking advantage of his position to solicit sex from the woman he arrested.

Police Officer Kevin Theriault took the drunk woman out of the prison cell and drove her to his home in Manitoba, to pursue a personal relationship, according to police.

Coworkers challenged the officer, encouraging him by text message asking him “how far he would go.” They jokingly made a comment about having a threesome with her.

At first, an officer said that it “was not right” for Theriault to take the woman out of police custody, but finally he said: “You arrested her you can do whatever you want to do,” according to police records.

However, he was later ordered to drive the woman to her own home rather than to his house.

The incident occurred on Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, near Thompson.

The police officer admitted to the allegations, and was reprimanded for his actions. He lost pay for seven days of work.

“It’s a gross abuse of power,” Manitoba Grand Chief Derek Nepinak said. He called the incident “appalling” and the punishment “a slap on the wrist.” He said that the easy punishment sends the wrong message to the community.

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