[RAW VIDEO] Seattle Officers Scramble to Return Fire After Being Ambushed

The Seattle Police Department is looking for a gunman who ambushed several officers on New Year’s Eve, and the entire incident that was recorded by a dash-cam.

According to a statement released by the Seattle PD, the officers were fired upon within minutes of police responding — for the second time — to a report of a domestic violence.

The dispatcher received a call about a domestic dispute between a man and a woman shortly after 10 p.m. and officers were sent to the scene to investigate. According to the officers involved, they left the scene to complete their report after the investigation was concluded.

The officers were dispatched to the scene again at around 10:30 PM after receiving a second 911 call from the victim, who claimed the suspect had kicked a door and was making threats.

By 10:35, officers were interviewing the suspect as he sat on the hood of a patrol car parked, officers said.

In the video, the officers are seen talking with the suspect when, off-camera, a vehicle pulled up rapidly behind the officers and stopped. Gunfire erupted, video shows, and the officers quickly ducked behind a patrol car, shielded the suspect, and one officer returned fire.

The gunman’s car then pulled away.

Source: Q13 Fox

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