[VIDEO] When You Hear This Pastor Boast About What He Did to a ‘Smart Aleck’ Kid, You’ll Understand Why People Are Horrified

Too inquisitive for this pastor?

He might just try to beat Jesus into you.

Bible Baptist Church in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, publishes its pastors’ sermons actively on Vimeo — and one of those sermons is coming back to reflect badly on the church.

In a newly discovered video, Pastor Eric Dammann admits to punching a child right in the chest because he didn’t take God seriously. And he considers that an ultimately good thing.

As he recounts the story, there was a “real smart-aleck” at some youth group he was at, a “bright kid” who was “just trying to push my buttons” and was “not taking the Lord serious.”

So, because of that, he decided to punch the kid right in the chest to put the fear of God in him. Here’s how Dammann recounts that moment and the lesson from it:

“I walked over to him and I went, ‘BAM!’ I punched him in the chest, as hard as I––I crumpled the kid… I leaned over and I said, ‘Ben, when are you gonna stop playing games with God?’ I led that man to the Lord right there. There’s times that that might be needed.”

So there are times when, in order to put the fear of God in someone, you just have a punch a kid really hard in the chest. Good moral lesson right there.

Watch the video below:

On Reddit, commenters responded with disgust to Dammann’s sermon.

“That will probably be a moment that this kid looks at as a turning point once he’s an atheist and looking back at his time in the church,” one commenter wrote, echoing many others who said the pastor’s version of Christianity seemed weak and based on fear.

“[H]e was definitely trying to brag about that,” another commenter wrote. “The way he mimics the punch, and the BAM! he emits. Trying to make sure the audience knows he’s a ‘big man’ […] Reminded me of some white trash bully at a school telling a bullying story to his friends.”

Some commenters questioned whether “Ben” was a real person or whether Dammann could have made the whole story up, while others made the case that if Ben is real, his parents should press criminal charges against Dammann.

“If [I] was Ben’s father and saw this, no matter how long ago this was [I’d] try and press charges,” one commenter wrote. “[I]f nothing can be done then [I’d] show him the way to the lord the same way he showed Ben but make sure he got real acquainted with the lord.”


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