[WATCH] FedEx Driver Steals French Bulldog Puppies Off Customer’s Porch

A family in Houston, Texas, has been reunited with their two French bulldog puppies after a FedEx driver was caught on camera stealing the puppies off their front porch.

According to ABC13, the family decided to look through their surveillance video on Wednesday afternoon when they could not find the puppies in their backyard.

In the video, a FedEx delivery driver is seen luring the two dogs into his FedEx delivery truck.

One of the dogs escaped and ran toward the front door. The driver did not give up, and a second camera angle shows the man walk up to the front porch of the homeowner’s house and take the dog.

“We are supposed to trust these people to deliver packages and they are stealing our dogs,” the owner told ABC13. 


A stranger found the dogs together on a neighborhood street about 30 miles from the family’s home.

The stranger, who was not identified, took the dogs to a veterinary clinic. Someone recognized the dogs from a newscast.

The dogs were reunited with the family on Thursday night.

It is unclear if the dogs were let go by the driver or if they escaped.

In a statement to ABC News, FedEx said it is “taking this incident very seriously and continues to work closely with authorities investigating this matter. Pending the completion of this investigation, the driver will not be providing service on behalf of FedEx ground.”

Source: Rare

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