BREAKING: ISIS Terror Plot against US Capitol foiled by FBI



The FBI claims it has broken up an ISIS terror plot on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. ABC reports:

The FBI has arrested an Ohio man for allegedly plotting an Islamic State-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, where he hoped to set off a series of bombs aimed at lawmakers, whom he allegedly considered enemies.

Christopher Lee Cornell -– also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah -– was arrested earlier today on charges of attempting to kill a U.S. government official.

Government documents say the FBI first noticed Cornell after he voiced support for violent “jihad” on a Twitter account.

Further investigation revealed his intent to attack the U.S. Capitol, and he planned to detonate pipe bombs there and open fire on any employees and officials after the bombs went off, according to government documents.

The FBI and Department of Homeland security issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies across the country, notifying them of the case.



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And from TheBlaze:

The FBI has arrested a suspected Islamic State supporter in Ohio over an alleged plot to carry out a “jihad” attack on the U.S. Capitol, ABC News reports.

The suspect, identified as Christopher Lee Cornell is accused of attempting to kill a U.S. government official using pipe bombs and firearms. The Ohio man also reportedly goes by the name Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah.

In this photo taken Oct. 28, 2014, two Jordanian men walk past graffiti depicting the flag of the Islamic State group with Arabic that reads, "There is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet," in the city of Ma'an, Jordan. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Cornell reportedly first caught the attention of federal law enforcement after he proclaimed his support for violent “jihad” on a Twitter account.

The suspect allegedly planned to detonate pipe bombs at the U.S. Capitol and then open fire on any fleeing government officials or staffers after the explosions, according to government documents obtained by ABC News.

In a joint bulletin, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security reportedly alerted law enforcement agencies across the U.S. about the serious threat posed by U.S.-based “violent extremists.”

“The alleged activities of Cornell highlight the continued interest of US-based violent extremists to support designated foreign terrorist organizations overseas, such as ISIL, by committing terrorist acts in the United States. Terrorist group members and supporters will almost certainly continue to use social media platforms to disseminate English language violent extremist messages,” the bulletin reportedly stated.

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