Britney Spears Reportedly “Devastated” Over Death of Ex-Boyfriend Who Was Killed By Taliban

According to the Daily Mail, the death of Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend, John Sundahl, has reportedly left the singer “devastated.”

The pilot who dated Britney Spears and helped her fight drugs has been shot dead by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

John Sundahl, 44, was flying near Kabul, where he works, when a missile hit his helicopter last week.

The news has come as a devastating blow to Spears, 33, sources claim.


Sundahl and Spears met at Alcoholics Anonymous in Los Angeles in 2007 and briefly dated.

According to numerous interviews at the time, he helped Britney through her darkest hour of public meltdown, and warned that alcohol could kill her if she didn’t stop.

‘I told her: “If you fall off the wagon, I don’t think you will live”,’ Sundahl told the National Enquirer in 2007.

‘”If you don’t want to get sober for yourself, do it for your kids.”

‘She truly wants to stop what she’s doing, and she has changed her life in another direction. She doesn’t get drunk every night and pass out.’

Their relationship ended after a few months but they stayed friends.

And despite moving to Afghanistan last year, where he flies dignitaries in and out of the conflict zone, Sundahl was said to have started seeing Spears again in the summer of 2014, the Mirror reported.

Speaking from his home in Los Angeles, his brother Karl told how John died.

He said: “John was on a journey from Kabul when he was shot at and killed.

“We were told by the State that John had died, they told us the Taliban did it.

“This is just awful. My family are heartbroken, my parents are elderly so this is very tough for them, and all of us.

“We know Britney’s upset too.

“John was still good friends with Britney, he talked to her regularly. They dated for a while but always kept in touch afterwards.”

Source: Daily Mail

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