Texas Lawmaker Has Granted Amnesty, But It’s Not What You Think

“Government intervention hasn’t worked … we’re getting out of the school mandate business,” Miller said.

A Texas lawmaker made his first act in office official last week when he granted amnesty to cupcakes at schools. Now local communities, not the state, will decide whether or not sweets can be served in classrooms and cafeterias.

“The Texas Department of Agriculture has abolished all rules and guidelines that would stop a parent from bringing cupcakes, cookies or snacks to school,” new Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller said in a press conference.

“I’m announcing that I am giving full amnesty to the cupcakes in Texas. I’m also granting full pardon to pies and cookies and brownies and cakes and homemade candies.”

Miller said Texas has many priorities such as water, marketing agricultural products and delivering health care, but this was one issue he could take care of very swiftly.

He explained that many parents would ask why they couldn’t take cupcakes to their child’s school for a birthday or other celebrations, so he repealed any mandates from the Texas Department of Agriculture to local school districts.

“We believe in local control, individual responsibility¬†and freedom from burdensome government regulation,” Miller said, adding that he hopes the federal government can learn from what they’re doing in Texas.

Source: Fox News


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