[VIRAL VIDEO] Woman Flips Out After Being Told She Missed The Ferry

If high-pitched screaming occurs in a public place, more often than not the culprit is a moody toddler.

But one woman proved she has never quite grown out of the ‘terrible twos’ stage by throwing a shameless hissy fit.

Although being told she was too late to board the ferry must have been extremely frustrating, there is just no excuse for this sort of outrageous behavior from an adult.

Ferry_fitsIn the clip, the unidentified Canadian woman appears to show up to catch a ferry from Victoria to Vancouver Island and is informed that she was too late. The woman is freaking out when the clip starts and begins raising her voice, telling the person behind the ticket counter they don’t understand what she’s going through.

“You have no idea! You have no idea!” the woman screams at the ticket agent. “You have no understanding of people’s feelings. I am so mad!”

The viral video shows the distressed latecomer shrieking at the top of her lungs as she storms off with her luggage in tow.

She can’t seem to get a grip on herself and stops periodically to stomp her feet against the ground like an inconsolable child.

Check out the woman’s viral tantrum for yourself (video below).

“You have no idea, you have no idea!” the latecomer wails in a fit of hysterics, after her ticket is rejected.

But the distressed woman soon realizes that the situation isn’t going to change and that’s when she really starts freaking out.

Of course, somebody was bound to whip out their camera phone to record the epic scene in all its glory.

Then, right before she leaves the building, she stops at the glass doors to let out one final screech:

 “You have no idea what it means to people. No fucking idea!” the woman screams at the top of her lungs while stomping out of the terminal.

Shocked on-lookers are left to endure a different kind off fit – that of uncontrollable giggles.

Source: Daily Mail

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