[VIDEO] Should Women Be Navy SEALS? One Former SEAL says “HELL NO!”

Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care

As the Department of Defense considers the question, former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care says he has an answer: Hell no.

A few weeks ago, it was reported in Navy Times that the Department of Defense will make a decision on opening the SEAL and SWCC ranks to women in January of 2016.

Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care
Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care

If the DoD decides in favor of allowing women, the Navy would then notify Congress by July 1, and Congress would then have 30 working days to respond with any concerns.

I’d like to jump ahead of Congress, save them some trouble and tell them right here, right now that this is a terrible idea. Concerns? I have many.

Now before anyone gets too bent out of shape, understand that this doesn’t come from a “women should stay home and be housewives” mentality. But I do not think the SEAL teams should allow women.

BUD/S, which stands for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, is the most physically and psychologically grueling schooling a man can go through. My class began with over 120 men. Of that, 16 originals graduated, with some additional guys who were in from other classes who were delayed due to injuries. There’s an 80% attrition rate at BUD/S, and that is rounding down.

Put bluntly, the shit you have to do in training and as a SEAL is nearly impossible. I can’t give you specifics, but trust me ladies, think of the most hellish situation you can imagine, then double it, triple it—hell, times it by 100. It’s that physically brutal.

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