Muslims Threaten Zuckerberg, Facebook After 4 Islamic Pages Are Taken Down

Photo credit: Iran Politics Club

More than 2.5 million users will leave Facebook unless certain Islamic pages are reinstated, it has been claimed.

A template letter that has been pasted into numerous Facebook pages accuses founder Mark Zuckerberg and other senior members of Facebook of “ignoring the feelings of more than 2.5million Muslims”.

Photo credit: Iran Politics Club
Photo credit: Iran Politics Club

The Muslim community is angry that four extremely popular Islamic pages were removed from the site and the letter warns that unless its demands are met Facebook’s Muslim users will move to an Islamic alternative.

The letter demands not only that the pages are reinstated but that new rules are introduced which make it a violation of Facebook’s terms to post anti-Islamic comments.

And Facebook is given notice that unless the changes are introduced then 2.5 million Muslim users will leave to join, a social networking site for Muslims.

The letter reads:

“Although you have attended the world’s best communication skills courses you have been most successful in growing great hatred and hostility between you and Muslims around the world, but seriously this time you have caused an almost unrepairable [sic] damage.”

Source: Daily Mail

Please, someone queue the violins, as if the rest of the world gives a shit.

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