[VIDEO] BUSTED: Realtor Caught On Camera, Stealing Medication From Home

A Virginia real estate agent was caught on camera stealing prescription medication from a home she was supposed to be showing, according to authorities.

Homeowner Randy Sonck explained on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that his family recently held an open house and a pair of his wife’s earrings went missing.

A few days later, Sonck set up several cameras in his house. Less than 24 hours after the cameras were installed, they captured a realtor – who should have been showing the Soncks’ home to her clients – going through the bathroom and kitchen cabinets when she thought no one was watching.

Authorities identified the agent as Sarah West Reeves with Long and Foster Realtors, and said she later admitted that she stole pain medication.

Sonck revealed that Reeves has been arraigned and goes in for sentencing in March.

“She’s been arrested on felony drug possession charges and larceny theft,” Sonck said. “I also put in a complaint with the Virginia department of licensing to see about getting her license pulled so that she can never sell homes again.”

“You can’t double-check and re-check the credentials of everyone that’s showing your home that’s a realtor, so my suggestion would be to secure as much as you can … hide your valuables, your jewelry and, I guess now, your medication.”

Source: FNI



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