[VIDEO] Grandmother, 89, Given Weeks to Live Pleads “I’m Starving” As She Begs For Food On Camera

The horrifying ordeal suffered by a grandmother at a crisis-hit care home was laid bare on Sunday, January 18th.

Harrowing video footage shows frail 89-year-old Edna Slann reduced to begging for food.

Her face twisted in distress, she pleads: “I’m starving – they keep you starving in here. I just want a cup of tea. Have you got anything to eat?”

The Mail reported on Monday, January 19th, that a ten-week stay at Grantley Court left her bruised, malnourished and with an infection that doctors say will kill her in weeks.

Both are owned by multimillionaires Soondressen and Maleenee Cooppen. When they were asked to apologize to relatives, Mrs. Cooppen, 42, said: “We are not interested.”

Families reacted to this furiously, threatening legal action. ‘It is disgusting,’ said Mrs Slann’s daughter Linda Cackett. ‘Clearly they don’t care at all.

‘You can see how desperate my mum was. If I was them I would not be able to sleep at night.’

The footage was taken by Mrs Slann’s granddaughter in September.

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