[VIDEO] What these 2 Teens Who ‘Wanted to be Gangsta’ Did To This 21-Year-Old Woman and Her Dog For No Reason Is a Sign of Where We Are

TribDem reports:

A month-old photo posted on Ryan Hardwick’s Facebook page Monday morning showed the 15-year-old brandishing a revolver in one hand.


The gun’s hammer was cocked to fire, while 16-year-old friend Deauntay Dontaz Moye sat beside him staring cooly at a camera lens.


The pair allegedly boasted they wanted to live a “gangsta lifestyle” – and then initiated themselves into the life by robbing and gunning down a


21-year-old Roaring Spring woman Thursday, Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins Jr. said.







“They thought they were some kind of gangstas – some kind of thugs,” he added, saying the pair “talked about wanting to kill someone.”




Read more: http://reagancoalition.com/articles/2015/two-teens-who-wanted-to-be-gangsta-killed-21-year-old-woman-and-her-dog-for-no-reason.html


Even more: http://conservativetribune.com/two-teens-vile-woman-and-dog/

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