Attorney Whistleblowers Get Whacked By Judges

I have often said, to my friends and those in my patriot circles, that the damage to the republic is not coming from legislators and executive elected. It’s the judiciary that is pulling the constitutional rug from under our feet.  While most of us are busy watching the republic crumble at the hands of the executive and legislative branches of government, we really should be appalled and incensed at this third and often invisible branch.

And while I never read the Daily KOS, I have to tell you what I accidentally found in my feed, recently, more clearly illustrated what is happening to dismantle America than anything I am finding in my right wing news feed.

This article illustrates how courts are, or should I say judges, are punishing any attorney who dares to speak out against the atrocities they see in the courts, or what has become the legal “industry.”

Read about these attorneys, one in California and one in Pennsylvania on Stop Abuse Campaign, battle to regain their law licenses after challenging judges.

In the coming days, I will publish exclusively here, on ThreePercenterNation, the series of articles that outline things that fly under the radar for most Americans who are lucky enough to NOT get caught up in the legal system trying to protect their kids, get divorced, or settle a dispute. These disputes, to the rest of us would seem like common sense and rule of law, are bastardized and distorted beyond any reasonableness.

The problem and why they (many in the legal/judicial profession) are allowed to continue with this malevolent behavior is because no one is watching so on one is telling, especially the lawyers. Those who have never had the misfortune of being tangled in the system have no way of knowing what goes on in the dismal recesses of a court room, and those that have, just want to move on after the trauma. Thus, the behavior goes unchecked and continues to operate under the cover of darkness.

One thing is for certain. We teach our children that tattling is a bad thing, and we reprimand lawyers who are whistleblowers. Maybe America needs to rethink that one.

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