New Freedom Caucus, Bur Under Boehner’s Saddle

Remember the great revolt of conservative congress folk who dared to buck the establishment to oust a RINO Republican Speaker? Remember how it all went down in flames in a narrow defeat? Everybody thought that was that. Or was it? Maybe not so much.


Western Journalism is reporting that a rogue group of conservative congressmen have once again stepped up to be a thorn in the side of a not so conservative Boehner. A new GOP caucus has formed, The Freedom Caucus, in hopes to be a group to derail less than conservative Boehner agendas.

There are nine founding members of the caucus, including Jordan and Representatives Raúl Labrador, R.-Idaho; Justin Amash, R.-Mich.; Ron DeSantis, R.-Fla.; John Fleming, R.-La.; Scott Garrett, R.-N.J.; Mark Meadows, R.-N.C.; Mick Mulvaney, R.-S.C.; and Matt Salmon, R.-Ariz.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and let you know if anything fires up.

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