Social Media Beats Back Corporate Giant, Saves A Man’s Job

James Philips just wanted to live a simple life and be a good employee, at Walmart. He was generally happy in his job and it showed as he performed his job as greeter, at the Blue Ridge, Georgia location. He typically greeted his customers with a heart felt, “Have a blessed day.”

And you knew it was coming….All it takes to upset the apple cart is one irate customer with a bee up their knickers and, well, let’s just say Walmart, in all their forthright conviction, told Philips to button it up according to ABC13.


The good thing here is that Blue Ridge, Georgia kinda liked ol’ James and made him and the incident into a big deal. They all took to twitter/facebook and other forms of social media and told Walmart to back off because Blue Ridge was behind James, and his greeting.

Let it not be said that Walmart doesn’t sway with the prevailing winds. They backed off and Philips is once again at his post, wishing everyone who enters and exits there to, “Have a blessed day.”

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