[WATCH] Chris Kyle’s brother: Does PETA call Michael Moore a murderer for all the cheeseburgers he’s eaten?

On Friday night, Jeff Kyle, the brother of the late “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, was on Fox News’ “Sean Hannity show”.

He responded to the Hollywood left who criticized the military snipers following the debut of the film.

“Just because somebody was killed by a sniper, it doesn’t make snipers cowards. Snipers are – they’re saviors,” Jeff Kyle said, adding that those who have served overseas have been “damn proud” to have snipers on watch.

“For them to say that they’re cowards, that would be like PETA calling Michael Moore a murderer for all the cheeseburgers he’s eaten,” Kyle said.

He told Sean Hannity that the success of “American Sniper” has been overwhelming. On its opening weekend, the film shattered all previous records set for January and grossed over $100 million. The film has been proclaimed as Eastwood’s best work.

Kyle continued by saying “It puts the message out. It’s not a war story, it’s not a shoot ‘em up, blow ‘em up movie. It’s a story about a soldier in combat, whether it’s on the battlefield or off, he’s still in combat.”

Watch the rest of the interview below:


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