[PHOTOS] This Skinhead Cop Killer Just Received Some Bad News

Curtis Allgier, 35

A Utah white supremacist on trial for murdering a prison guard lost the right to legal counsel after he reportedly threatened his lawyers and called them “ass clowns.”

Reports say that 35-year-old skinhead Curtis Allgier, who is covered in white supremacist-themed tattoos, murdered a prison guard back in 2007. The guard, 60-year-old Stephen Anderson, was shot and killed by Allgier during a struggle for his gun while Allgier was serving time for weapons offenses.

In 2012, Allgier was sentenced to life behind bars for the murder, and in the years since, he’s gone through multiple lawyers to appeal the conviction. Allgier reportedly fired many of the lawyers for a multitude of reasons, but this last time around, his legal counsel claimed that he had crossed a line by threatening and bullying them.

According to court documents, Allgier called his lawyers “ass clowns” and even sent documents to one attorney’s home, despite never actually being given the address.

“He knows how to find people outside of prison,” the lawyers wrote in a motion.

Stripping a person of their right to legal counsel is extremely rare, reports say, but the court ultimately ruled that Allgier’s behavior warranted the decision.

“Forfeiture is a drastic measure,” the ruling reads. “Mr. Allgier has made a series of threats to multiple appointed appellate attorneys.”

Reports note that some lawyers disagree with the court’s decision to strip Allgier of this right, but the court made clear that Allgier effectively gave them up through his behavior.

Sources: NY Daily News, The New York Times

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