[PHOTOS] Here’s How One Woman Reacted When She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating

The Bible says that hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, and one man discovered that first hand just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Lynn Bennett recently discovered her boyfriend in bed with another woman but rather than get mad, she decided to get even.

Though Bennett’s beau is now an ex, she decided to take it a step further today. Bennett, who ended the three-and-a-half year relationship on Sunday, hung a several banners and balloons in front of his house.


The larger banner reads, “I’m a cheat! I slept with another woman.” The smaller one reads, “I’m a cheat,” but both are framed with multi-colored balloons.

Bennett told the Daily Mail “It only took ten minutes but it was the best revenge. I knew the best way to embarrass him was to make sure his neighbors knew.”

“I did have my suspicions because he keeps some tools in this woman’s shed.  They’ve been in contact far too regularly for my liking. But I never thought it would come to this,” she said.

“He took ages to answer the door and then when I got up there and saw the woman I realized why – I had definitely caught them in the act.”

Bennett immediately dumped him. “That was it then, I screamed that it was over. I am never taking him back – good riddance!”

Her retribution was sweet. “I wanted to get some revenge and I knew the best way to do it was to let his neighbors know and some balloons seemed to add to the occasion,” she said.

“It was only really for the few people next door but he lives on a main road so I suppose it’s got a bit more attention than I’d realized.”

“At least this gave me something to laugh about – if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry!”

Bennett’s ex-boyfriend was unavailable for comment.

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