[VIDEO] Snow Prevented This Widow From Getting To Wife’s Tribute, Until These Workers Responded

CaldwellBud Caldwell, 82, lost his wife Betty two years ago while residing in Wisconsin after spending 56 years together. He was so distraught over losing his soul mate that he began making a daily pilgrimage to Fond Du Lac Park every day where he had had a bench dedicated to her memory.

While he’s there, he tells his late wife about what’s going on in his life, and leaves a daisy and a penny.

On this particular day, however, two park employees, Jerrod Ebert and Joe Smaltz, spotted Caldwell sitting in his car after the cold weather blew in across the state and blanketed it in snow.

Ebert and Smaltz realized that Caldwell was unable to reach the bench due to the snow accumulation.

So, he sat in his car and spoke to Betty instead. That is until two Fond du Lac Parks Department employees noticed his routine. The gesture brought them both to tears.

“We both commented that we just can’t have this. We’ve got to make sure he can get to his bench and talk to his wife,” Mr Ebert said. Adding: “We did it only because of his love for his wife. He truly misses her.”

“It felt like the natural thing to do,” Caldwell said.

With that, they got out of their vehicle and shoveled a path for him.

Mr. Caldwell continues to visit his wife, leaving behind daisies and pennies in memory of their two favorite songs: ‘Daisy a Day,’ and ‘Pennies From Heaven,’ CBS 58 News reported.

“Two young men did such a nice thing for an old man,” Caldwell said, adding that Ebert and Schultz have vowed to keep the path clear all winter for him.

Sources: Fox 8, Independent

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