[VIDEO] Father’s Choice of Punishment For 10-year-Old Daughter Quickly Goes Viral

We’ve all heard, since a young child, the phrase that ‘crime does not pay’ and for one 10-year-old girl, it was also quite embarrassing when her angry dad caught her stealing from a local Walgreen’s. The result?  She was forced to return to the store, apologize for taking the item, and pay for it.

Dad_featuredThe father, who at this time remains unidentified, caught the incident on camera before posting it on the Internet and it has since gone viral.

As punishment for stealing the the set of fake nails, the dad decided to make his 10-year-old daughter walk back to the nearby Walgreens, where she not only paid for what she had taken, but was forced to confess her crime to the store manager.

As it turns out, she removed product from the box to prevent the anti-theft device from revealing her bad deed. The girl was then forced to walk to the back of the store and get a box that had a Universal Product Code (UPC) on it for the manager to scan before apologizing and promising never to steal again.

 The 7-minute clip was also posted to Reddit. While some found it bizarre that the father filmed the incident, others commended him for taking control and being a good parent.

“All the respect in the world for this dad,” one user commented. “Not yelling or swearing or being an ass. Just hoping to scare the kid straight with a healthy dose of shame.”

Watch the video below:

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