Husband Flips Out Over Pet Pig Eating His Weed Stash, Wife Calls 9-1-1, Husband Gets Arrested

An Ohio man was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after he went on a drinking binge when his pet pig Millie ate his entire marijuana stash.

Upon learning that his pet pig had consumed his stash of marijuana, the man flew into a rage, downed a bottle of 190-proof alcohol, and was later arrested for disorderly conduct after being tasered by local deputies.

Chad Spohn, 44
Chad Spohn, 44

Authorities first learned of the incident when Chad Spohn’s wife, Heather, called local deputies to their home, telling them that 44-year-old Chad was “upset over their marital problems and over the fact that their pig ate all of his marijuana,” The Smoking Gun reports.

Officers couldn’t determine how much marijuana the pet pig Millie had eaten, but in a Facebook post, Chad admitted that he hadn’t placed the marijuana on a high enough shelf.

“well the wife said just because i didnt put my stuff up and she ate it that it is my fault and i go before the pig. i guess i will be putting in some higher shelves,” he wrote.

Spohn is looking for a new home Millie following the incident.

“Anyone want a pig she is free and comes with food and cage. She is house broken as long as you show her where to go. If you have a dog she will follow it,” Spohn wrote in a message to Facebook friends. “I just dont have time for her anymore.”

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