This Quick Thinking Father Saved His Home From Large Fire!

The incident unfolded on Monday along State Highway 1. The large fire managed to destroy 15 hectares of farmland and threatened two houses.

Smith said that his four children were in the pool at his home when his wife called to alert them about the fire. She told him to quickly get the children and the pets ready to leave.

A quick thinking man saved his home from a large fire by ripping his swimming pool open, drenching the ground of his property with water, firefighters in Australia said.

Glen Smith of Christchurch, said that he had no choice but rip open his swimming pool to try to contain the large fire that was just 6 feet away from the house he shares with his wife and four children.

The mother came home, hurried the children and animals in the car, and drove away.

Before leaving the home, Smith turned on all the sinks of the house and ripped open the swimming pool in an attempt to create a barrier between his house and the fire.

Firefighters and four helicopters managed to stop the fire only 6 feet from the house. The fire also came within a few feet from the house of Tony Green.

The fire was extinguished about three hours after it had started. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire.

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