[VIDEO] Mother Gets Revenge on Child Rapist and Killer as First Responders Looked on

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Five years ago, Harrell, who lived in the home that belonged to his stepfather, kidnapped 7-year-old Somer Thompson, while she was walking home from school.

The girl was walking with her sisters and friends, but she ran ahead to pet a dog that belonged to Harrell. He saw the girl and lured her into the home, which was in the process of being foreclosed.

A woman of Florida, was allowed to burn down the home of a child rapist while firefighters watched.

Diena Thompson was very happy when she was given the honor of setting fire to the house of the man who raped and killed her daughter.

“Now, I am the big bad wolf knocking down his door,” Thompson said after setting the home of Jared Harrell on fire.

He then kidnapped, raped and suffocated the child in his Jacksonville home. Police found her body in a Georgia landfill several days later.

The bank donated the house to the Somer Thompson Foundation, a charity set up by Diena Thompson.

She donated the home to the local fire department so that they can practice life saving skills in the case of real house fires.

A number of fire departments used the home for training before Thompson set the home on fire.

As the flames burned down the home, Thompson watched and remembered her daughter.

Harrell pleaded guilty to murder, sexual battery, kidnapping and other charges. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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