[VIDEO] Even After Finishing the Marathon on All Fours She Still Places.

(Scroll down for video) A professional marathon runner from Kenya, is being hailed as a hero after she refused to give up and crawled to the finish line.

Hyvon Ngetich crawling to the finish line



Hyvon Ngetich, 29, was leading a group of female runners in Texas, when she began to shut down, making it impossible for her to continue running.

She had about two tenths of a mile to the finish line when she collapsed. Ngetich took a few moments to recover before she proceeded to crawl on all fours until she reached the finish line.

Ngetich was offered a wheelchair by the medical staff. The woman refused as she did not want to be disqualified from the race. After crawling on all fours, she came in third place in the race.

Ngetich has gained much honor from people around the world for her hard work and determination.

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