[WATCH] Graphics Fail As News Station Depicts Obama as Rape Suspect

In a monumental mishap, a local news station in San Diego accidentally depicted President Barack Obama as a rape suspect in an over-the-should graphic.

KSWB Fox 5 anchor Kathleen Bade was reading a 30-second voiceover about how a 20-year-old rape suspect will not be charged, but during the first five seconds the over-the-should graphic showed a picture of President Obama at a speech with “NO CHARGES” right below it.

A KSWB assignment editor told the Times of San Diego that the mistake was immediately noticed in the control room: “Yeah, there was an accident when they had an over-the-shoulder. It wasn’t on purpose.”

The same assignment editor also said there was no on-air acknowledgment of the error or an apology because ”they really don’t do that when it’s a small thing like that.” He also said nobody called during the newscast to complain.

Watch the video below:

It’s not entirely inaccurate, seeing as how Obama has been raping America and the constitution since stepping foot in the Oval Office.


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