Like Glenn Beck or Not… If This Story Disappears, You Will Know the Government Is Being Run by the ‘Worst Kinds of People’

Glenn Beck said Wednesday that if the story of the State Department’s director of counterterrorism being arrested for allegedly soliciting a juvenile “disappears,” you will know the U.S. government is being run by the “worst kinds of people.”

by Erica Ritz, THE BLAZE


“[A kakistocracy] is when a government fills its leadership and other high-level positions with the worst people society has to offer: the deviants, the liars and the criminals,” Beck said on his television program. “That’s exactly what the Germans did, and really bad governments do this because they know if you put somebody like that into power … they’ll do anything. They’ll lie, they’ll steal, they’ll cheat, they’ll kill.”

“They are the kind of people that are willing to show you an envelope of your dirtiest, most shameful moments and then use it to keep you a slave,” Beck added. “If [Daniel Rosen’s story] disappears, you know that we are living in a government that is run just like the German government was run in the 1930s, one with the worst kinds of people.”

Beck said the nation is in “dire, dire trouble” if the repeated claims that senior State Department officials are soliciting sex with minors are ignored.

“Think about this — he’s in counter-terrorism intelligence so he knows about the NSA. He knows about the spying capabilities that we have. He’s seen all of it. He uses all of it!” Beck said. “He doesn’t even think the NSA will catch him. He doesn’t think that anybody even cares at the State Department. Are we insane? You don’t think Russia is looking into people like this?”

Beck asked how vulnerable the nation could become if “somebody comes to Rosen with pictures, with the email log of his perverted Weiner-like sex chats with teenage girls.”

“Here’s the worst part: there is an epidemic of really sick individuals at the State Department right now. Rosen is just the tip of the iceberg. Nobody is going to be talking about this,” Beck added.

Beck encouraged his audience to watch For the Record: Honor Fight, which has been updated and is re-airing Wednesday, and investigates the “rampant corruption and abuse of power” inside the State Department.

“There is no way for our country to survive if we put up with this kind of evil in our people’s name,” Beck concluded.

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