“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Is A LIE And Eric Holder Had To Admit It To The World Today

Most knew it but now Eric Holder has¬†finally released an official report admitting it to the nation. Darren Wilson was justified in his actions in defending himself against Michael Brown. What’s even more interesting is the testimony from the witnesses listed in the DOJ report released today.


This examiner.com article links to the official report and highlights individual testimony of the witnesses who testified in the case.

It seems Michael Brown never raised his hands in the “Hands Up-Don’t Shoot” manner in which became the mantra of protestors in St. Louis and across the country. In fact, he turned and charged at Officer, Darren Wilson, which caused him to fire upon him until he dropped in the street, and died, on August 9th of last year.

Some of the witnesses told authorities they didn’t want to testify, and some refused to appear in response to subpoenas, due to the fear of pushback from the members of the Ferguson community.

There was testimony from some witnesses that they would have shot Brown much sooner than Officer Wilson did and that “he did what he had to do.”

The report is a remarkable commentary on just how far a community and racially divided America will go to distort the truth to advance an racist agenda. While there are a number of honest Ferguson residents who felt compelled to tell the truth about the happenings on August 9th, we all watched the downside of disfunction that comes from racial divide.

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