Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Is Getting FAR WORSE and Benghazi is Just The Start



Aside from the dubious ethics involved in Hillary Clinton’s personal email server to avoid public accountability, there is a much more serious threat to U.S. national security that she has created by this action.  In fact, this may be far more serious that her Benghazi coverup.  Newsmax reports:



Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer tells Newsmax TV he believes Iran, Russia and China routinely read Hillary Clinton’s emails detailing sensitive government business.

Fleischer, who served under George W. Bush, said the disclosure that Clinton had used a personal email account — not a government one — during her time as secretary of State made her dispatches vulnerable to hacking.

“If it’s done from a personal account, I guarantee you China, Russia and Iran have them,” Fleischer said Wednesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

The thought of foreign powers having access to the most sensitive U.S. government information is a very scary thought.  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton would have been privy to the most classified of information.  But, through her obsessive need for control, she may have endangered us all.

The Benghazi cover up was despicable; a totally political move to help insure Obama’s re-election.  The tragedy of the deaths of four brave Americans must never be understated.  However, this new scandal has the potential to affect every American – a U.S. Secretary of State unwittingly sharing classified information with foreign powers.  It may fall a bit short of treason, but it certainly disqualifies her from ever holding a sensitive government job again; especially that of Commander-in-Chief should she get elected as President.

Newsmax continues:

“If it’s a personal email, it’s simple for it to get hacked by a foreign adversary. Think of a Secretary of State for every day that she’s in office is cc’ing Iran, Russia, China and other adversaries on every single email that she sends and every one that she receives.”

Who knows what damage to U.S. national security Clinton has done through this effort to protect herself from scrutiny and possible embarrassment.

Yet, this kind of obsessive need for control is part of who Hillary Clinton is.  When husband, Bill, was President, Mrs. Clinton, then First Lady, led the efforts to control the “bimbo eruptions” – the many women coming forth to tell of their affairs with Clinton – making sure the women were silenced and/or slandered in the press.

Ari Fleischer confirms this analysis in the Newsmax article:

Fleischer said he believed the point of Clinton’s breach was “she wanted to have maximum control over her information as the Secretary of State.

“When you do that as a government official and you put all your government communications that only you control because the internet is registered to your home, you’re circumventing the rules,” he said.

A thorough Congressional investigation is now warranted into the matter.  We all need to know just how much danger Mrs. Clinton has put America in because of her obsession.  Were the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA aware of this breach of protocol and security?  Who else knew about this “independent” email server and did nothing?

We, the American people deserve answers.  Our safety and security are at stake.  Mrs. Clinton must come clean if this security hole is to be plugged and the damage done be assessed and addressed.  This now goes far beyond politics and Mrs. Clinton’s personal political ambitions!




H/T: http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/hillary-clintons-email-scandal-is-far-worse-than-benghazi

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