[WATCH] MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: ‘Blacks and Mexicans Need to Stop Stealing All The White People’s Superheros’

Michelle Rodriguez was asked of she’s going to be the next Green Lantern, because of rumors she may play the superhero in the DC cinematic universe. Not only did she laugh it off and call it ridiculous, but Rodriguez said that just because there are minorities in Hollywood, it doesn’t mean they should necessarily be pushed into superhero roles typically considered white characters.

She said, “Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Like, make up your own, you know what I’m saying?” Well, that comment obviously caught people’s attention online, and Rodriguez had to respond to all the furor with an apologetic Facebook post. She said she was taken out of context, but still stepped in it with the comments.

What Rodriguez meant to say, she explained, is that she’d like to see more minorities in the industry “create their own mythology” with their own characters, to better explore different life experiences and struggles, as opposed to turning men into women and white characters into minority characters. And to keep doing so would be “lazy,” in her mind.

Watch the TMZ video here:


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