[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Young Woman and Child Viciously Attacked While Walking Through Black Neighborhood

Indianapolis Metro Police are looking into an online video involving a female hitting and kicking another female. The female in the video is then seen hitting a young child.

The graphic video surfaced online on Saturday and someone in the video said the fight takes place at a near east side park.

First and foremost, this behavior is not indicative of the black community as a whole and to denounce the entire black race based on the actions of savages such as you are about to see, is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The hoodrat in the video begins hitting the victim and then turns and begins hitting and knocking down a small child.

This video disgusts me for two reasons:

  1. Had this been someone of Caucasian ethnicity beating on a person of color, this atrocity would be broadcast across every major news network in America and the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Obama himself would be speaking about it.
  2. Only a single person intervened to defend the young woman and her child from the savage attack, but only for a moment as the rest of the bystanders looked on and laughed.


Here’s a video of the hoodrat twerking on Instagram:


If you have any tips as to the identity of anyone seen in the video, please contact the following:





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