ISIS Attempting to Activate Western Cells, Calls for Destruction of Monuments Including US Whitehouse

A British jihadi has claimed terrorists are planning to destroy Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, according to the Mirror.

Abu Abdullah Britani, who is understood to be 32-year-old Abu Rahin Aziz, took to Twitter to call upon supporters to destroy world landmarks.

His threat comes after ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnan released an audio recording calling on supporters to blow up famous buildings including the Eiffel Tower and White House.
He posted 2 tweets:
“Oh dogs of #UK a day will soon approach when you need the time but all you will see is horror on peoples faces and your #BigBen in dust”
“Oh dirty rats of #france, anticipate the destruction of your monument #EiffelTower and your country in anarchy”
Britani’s return makes a mockery of Twitter’s attempts to silence Islamic State supporters. The British fighter previously ducked a social media ban and threatened to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque.
Anonymous has launched a campaign called OPISIS which aims to shut down websites or social media accounts to silence the extremist digital propaganda machine.
However, some hackers think this assault is counterproductive.


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