[PHOTO] Woman Posts Classified Ad To Find Babies Father After Having One Night Stand

One night Stand Leads Woman to Post Classified Ads To Find Babies Father
After searching for months, Fazey became desperate to track the young man down and posted an ad on the online classifieds website Gumtree.Fazey gave birth to her son, Logan, and became more determined than ever to track down the father after doctors fought for almost a half hour to save Logan on the day he was born.“I was at my wits end,” Fazey told the Daily Mail Australia. “I tried finding him for months and felt pressured by a friend who was adamant I don’t give up despite exhausting all avenues.”

Fazey’s experience on the ad site was less than positive at times, with cruel trolls calling her a bad mother and a “slut.” Some even told her to get an abortion.

“Sometimes I want to be like one of those people on Maury Povich screaming back at the audience because they have no clue what they’re booing about!” she said.

Despite the backlash and the difficult search to find Logan’s father, Fazey said all that matters is that Logan is loved.

“I love this beautiful boy with all my heart and I am a fantastic mother,” she said. “He is strong, smart, happy and very, very loved!”

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk

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