BREAKING VIDEO: Missouri LT Governor Discusses Felony Against Eric Holder

We all knew that Attorney General Eric Holder’s conduct during the Ferguson riots was contemptible. But was it criminal?

That’s what Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder seemed to imply during an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, when the Show-Me State Republican accused the attorney general of “inciting the mob.”

Kinder, who had been critical of the administration’s response to the crisis in Ferguson, was invited on to talk about the shooting of two police officers in the beleaguered Missouri city.

“(Holder) is sounding the right notes today, this afternoon,” the lieutenant governor said. “I just wish he had been more judicious and measured in his comments since the August 9 (shooting).”

“Mr. Holder came in and seemed on many occasions to be inciting the mob,” Kinder continued.

“He seemed to be putting his weight on the one side of the scales of  justice and not backing up law enforcement. And if he is now, you know, backing up law enforcement mode, then I will be among those cheering him. And I hope that’s the way he is from now on.”

I, uh, wouldn’t exactly bet on that one.

Lt. Gov. Kinder was then asked if he had either met or talked with the attorney general.

“No, no, no, he doesn’t bend to speak with people like me. He comes into town and meets with one side.

“He met with the family of Michael Brown, and that’s fine that he met with them. But, he did not meet with the family of officer Darren Wilson or with his brother and sister officers to say I’m backing you up.” (H/T Breitbart)

Holder meeting with police officers? What, you think this guy is like the top law enforcement official in the country or something? … oh. Never mind.

While Holder didn’t do anything as incendiary as jump on top of a car and yell “Burn this b*** down!” after the grand jury’s verdict was announced (that ignominy belongs to Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head), he certainly did more than enough to stir up mob anger in Ferguson.

Holder made it exceptionally clear that he was on the side of the protesters, even the more violent ones. In addition, he had resisted putting the National Guard in Ferguson after the grand jury’s decision was announced, leaving the nearly-impossible job of policing a riot zone to the Ferguson Police Department, which had already been hand-tied by the Department of Justice.

And after all this, Holder still couldn’t find enough evidence to charge Darren Wilson with anything. Which meant, of course, that on his way out, Holder decided to make a push to change the burden of proof in civil rights cases.

We’re happy that Eric Holder is going, although we wish he was heading to prison and not retirement. However, if Lt. Gov. Kinder is right, maybe that’ll happen sometime in the near future.

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