VIDEO: Child Trafficking In Our Courts! You Won’t Believe What These Whistleblowing Lawyers, Judges And Professors Are Saying, And From Where The Money Is Coming!

Most Americans don’t know about the vast corruption in their local courts. Yeah, they know there is some corruption, here and there. Everybody knows someone who has been screwed, in one form, or another, in court, but few really know the level of deep, deep corruption, in their own back yard and from where it originates. Watch this vid. It’s a real eye opener. Local courts are capitalizing on kids, and making millions.

It’s time Americans woke up and became aware of CPS, courts, judges and the massive numbers of people making money, from the federal government, on corralling your kids away from you, and taking away your parental rights. Here in this video, you hear, first hand, politically active lawyers, and others who are fighting the system to maintain constitutional rights and fighting corruption in the judicial branch of government that is operating without oversight and accountable to no one.

For every child who is removed from the family home, there are 25 service providers who derive their livelihood from that child’s removal. They have a vested interest in maintaining their income. They have a vested interest in maintaining their practice.

Susanne Shell-Author: Profane Justice

Lawyers are losing their licenses in retaliation for fighting the system. People are having their life savings drained fighting the system. Children and families are being torn apart and abused. Time for YOU to be aware and to SHARE this info, far and wide.

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