MO State Auditor Suicide: Controversy, Backtracking, Contradictions

Clayton Missouri Police released a comment to the St. Louis Post Dispatch stating even though there is no evidence to suggest Missouri State Auditor and gubernatorial candidate, Tom Schweich, intended to take his life, or that the whisper campaign waged against him in a gubernatorial primary was the cause, his death was a suicide. According to residue tests, he fired the fatal shot to his head, that ended his life.

This article lays out the controversy found in the investigation.

“The St. Louis Post Dispatch did also point out that consensus among many in the community is, the statements regarding Schweich, his religious standing and political adds, were not of such consequence to cause someone to commit suicide.

“Others have pointed out that nothing being said about Schweich was intrinsically damaging enough to for anyone to have expected that kind of reaction.” reported a major Republican financial donor has recanted his statements regarding timing on hearing a whisper campaign, against Schweich, regarding his religious faith, but Missouri GOP Chief, John Hancock.

“The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported early this morning that a major Republican financial donor has recanted statements on the timing of conversations with Missouri GOP Chief, John Hancock, regarding when he was told that Schweich was a Jew.

The donor, who previously reported in an affidavit that he was told Schwiech was a Jew in November of last year, is now claiming the conversation took place in September.”

In addition to the investigation of the whisper campaign time line, there seems to be a contradiction in messaging of whole-hearted support from his friend, U.S. Senator, John Danforth.

Danforth, a close personal friend of Schweich, spoke at his funeral and gave a scathing eulogy regarding the state of politics in Missouri and indeterminately pointing fingers at the participants of what he deemed dirty political tactics that led to the tragedy.

“Danforth urged the hushed audience to disown “winning at any cost” campaigns run by “bullies” and to pledge “that we will not put up with any whisper of anti-Semitism.”

But where did Danforth really stand in support of Schweich’s run for the governor’s seat?

During the eulogy, Danforth confessed he had, years before, discouraged Schweich from running for public office, stating that he didn’t have the temperament for political life.

“Half a dozen years ago, Tom told me he wanted to run for public office. His first thought was the U.S. Senate but he finally decided on state auditor. He was a person easily hurt and quickly offended, and I told him I didn’t think he had the temperament for elective politics, but Tom didn’t easily accept advice, and he was offended by mine. It was his decision, and he was my friend, and I was for him, whatever he chose to do.”

In November of last year, Danforth was one of more than 120 signatories on an open letter encouraging Schweich to run. The letter first appeared in the Missouri Times.

“In order to win, we must have a candidate with the vision, experience and skills to represent all Missourians. It is our hope you will once again answer the call to serve by announcing your candidacy for Governor of Missouri.Respectfully, . . . “

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