The Anti-Gun Groups Desperately Play Their Emotion Card

Gun control activist and former Arizona politician, Gabby Giffords

Demonstrating that this year’s push for automatic confiscation of firearms from anyone accused by a single party of being a threat to anyone else is nothing but a short sighted and ill-researched push by the anti-rights lobby, and playing into the instruction by Representative William Tong that “this [bill] does not have to be intellectually coherent.”

Gabby Giffords, the anti-rights crusader has come to Connecticut. Notably joining her in the media coverage were Governor Malloy, Representative Sharkey and the surviving Jackson family, victims of a deranged, bipolar lunatic murderer. Appearing in front of the press, Giffords said: “Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women,” But the fact is, that dangerous people are, by definition, dangerous to everyone.

Genders don’t stop vicious animals or violent, bipolar criminals. And restraining orders and laws certainly don’t stop them either.

If those things did stop vicious murderers, then Lori Jackson’s sister, Kacey Mason would not have a cause to recall at the press conference “the many security steps Lori had taken to protect herself, but Gellatly still obtained a gun from out of state, invaded Merry Jackson’s home and shot the women.”

Interestingly, nobody at the conference mentioned that the ex parte restraining order issued against the vicious attacker did order him to surrender all of his firearms and ammunition. It also did not mention that notice of the order failed, which would render the current proposed bills useless as well, something that the Jackson family openly admitted at the March 11th Judiciary Public Hearing.

But whether or not he turned in his firearms or ammunition, the claim by the state is that he went to Virginia and bought his handgun there. This is, of course, a violation of Federal law. So that is another felony law that did not protect the Jacksons on that day. In addition, a security system, panic buttons and phone calls to police also did not protect the Jacksons.

That we do not advocate for continuing those silly measures is only a sign that we pay attention to what protects victims and wish to help protect more people in Connecticut from violent attackers. The sole fact of the matter is that the only thing that could have protected the Jacksons that day was equal or overwhelming force on their behalf. When trying to protect someone from a deranged lunatic bent on homicide, there is no secret; the only thing that is going to stop him is deadly force. In this case, when you have two women and a young child trying to stop that homicidal lunatic, the best tools for that job are firearms.

But the collectivist system that they are now lobbyists for failed them that day. No one advocated common sense like having the tools to defends themselves and the training to make it happen. No one advised them that they had the ability to use a Risk Warrant against the lunatic that they knew was bent on doing them harm. And that is a shame. An innocent life was lost, another life seriously injured and many lives impacted by the state’s inactions and prejudices.

That kind of ignorance and prejudice is not at all difficult to find in Representative Brendan Sharkey’s rhetoric. “It’s not immediate,” Sharkey said of the existing law.

“It’s not something that enables a victim who believes he or she is in imminent peril to be able to remove the guns from someone’s home immediately. The purpose of this legislation is to say that when a victim is in front of a judge and obtains a temporary restraining order, that is the moment when you want to ensure that the guns are removed from the situation on a temporary basis.”

Is Sharkey that ignorant of the law, despite having the facts pushed on the Judiciary Committee in a marathon public hearing on March 11th? Or is he simply lying for a bill that he supports to curry favor with Governor Malloy? When he says a Risk Warrant is not ‘immediate’, despite the fact that a Risk Warrant has no statutory time limitation like the bill he champions does, and the law he champions gives an offender 24 hours to voluntarily surrender their firearms as opposed to a Risk Warrant where the police just go and confiscate the firearms as soon as the warrant is issued, how can Rep. Sharkey honestly say that these bills are somehow more ‘immediate’ than the Risk Warrant statute (CGS 29-38c)? When he says that is the ‘moment’ that the guns should be taken from the person an ex parte order is issued against, is he ignorant of the bill he is supporting, or is he lying and trying to deceive the public that the bill specifically gives 24 hours after the order is issued for the person to surrender their firearms?

“Malloy defended his proposal, saying that it will soon be unacceptable in Connecticut, as in several other states, to take action and remove guns when someone is able to come forward, admit to being victimized and ask for help.”

Malloy, however, did not mention that police around the state, including his State Police have been illegally confiscating firearms and threatening felony arrest on anyone issued a Temporary Restraining Order for years. When caught and called out on this unlawful and reprehensible behavior, Malloy suddenly started a push to make legal the actions of the State Police, instead of holding them accountable as was recommended to the FBI.

Malloy also did not mention the lies that Lt. Governor Wyman, his general counsel Attorney Buffkin as well as the other anti-rights lobbyists that were present at the March 11th Judiciary Committee hearing told about 20 states having this law in place. We are also confident that they have not yet provided the statistics about those supposed 20 states (which are now just ‘several’) having lower domestic violence because of this kind of law as opposed to Connecticut. And they never will, because that is ludicrous logic with zero factual basis.

“The anti-rights groups and politicians are clearly worried by the utter slap-down that they received in the March 11th Judiciary Public Hearing. Their anti-rights bankrollers like Bloomberg must be applying a lot of pressure for them to call in a completely irrelevant and ignorant emotional prop like Gabby Giffords.” – Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess

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