ObamaCare: A First Person Account of the Horror

obamacare-suppositoriesThe following is the letter one of my readers sent to their elected representative. It is imperative that you read this and understand just how grievous, harmful, and diabolical ObamaCare is to individuals and families. This scenario has been shared with me many times by an ever increasing number of people.

“[Mychal], With today being the “deadline for enrollment, please allow me to share my letter to my representatives.”

Dear Legislator,
I’m your constituent, a voter, a taxpaying citizen with a big problem that is not going away, and like a pimple on a teenager, my problem and that of millions of Americans is getting bigger and bigger. I have a story I’d like you to read. It won’t take more than 3 minutes of your time. Would you please spare a few minutes for me and the rest of America?
Thank you,

This is my story. We are self employed and we work hard for our money. We have always carried private health insurance. It has never been great insurance and it has cost us plenty over the years —doubling since ACA became law. But we chose it, and we like it. It works for us.

We have not purchased compliant insurance….yet. But now since the ACA is enacted, we have to have twice yearly reviews from our insurance agent. She has to show us ACA plans under penalty of law. This is my story of how things went this year.

The insurance that we carry is complicated, but that is the way we like it. We carry a major medical policy for just under $600.00 per month. It has a $5000.00 deductible. We also carry a critical illness policy that pays us cash for a major illness such as heart problems, cancer, etc. We have disability insurance in case we can’t work. And we have emergency room insurance with a $100.00 deductible if we are admitted to the hospital through an accident. All this works out to approximately $1250.00 per month FOR 3 PEOPLE

We feel that we have been prudent and have our bases covered. AND we are happy with our coverage.
Enter the ACA. Our agent showed us the plan that we would qualify for…the cost, $1441.00 per month. FOR 2 PEOPLE. The deductible would be $6600.00. That’s it, a simple plan. Approximately $200.00 more expense per month, and for what?

No disability, no critical care, no emergency room coverage. The ACA insurance is nothing at all like what we have now.

Last summer I broke my arm. With the insurances we had in place my bills of over $3000.00were 100% covered. We faced no out of pocket deductible at all. In fact, all said and done, we put $1600.00 in the bank. That’s right, we actually were paid for my injury.

On the flip side, had we had ACA, none of my bills would have been paid. We wouldn’t have met the deductible. There would be no extra $$ in the bank. Our loss would have been well over $4600.00 plus the additional premium of $200.00 per month ($2400.00 per year) making the total loss for breaking my arm had we had ACA, over $6800.00 versus total loss our way, +++$1600.00 in the bank…. And lower premiums +++$2400.00 a savings of $4000.00 —done our way.

Now my question………..why in the hell am I being fined on my taxes $95.00 per person this year? WHY????? I carry insurance, always have, just not “compliant” insurance. Why is it not compliant? Because it doesn’t cover maternity, (I am 56 years old, through menopause and my husband was “snipped” 20 years ago), and I don’t carry pediatric dentistry (our “baby” is 22 years old this week).

I pay my premiums. I PAID EVERY BILL I INCURRED THIS YEAR. I have NO outstanding medical expenses. I shouldn’t be fined for carrying insurance, and I might add, insurance that is better than anything I can purchase through the ACA.

To make matters worse, next year my fine will be $325.00 per person, and the following year, it’s thought that it will be over $1000.00 per person. How in the world does this make any sense whatsoever?

I said earlier in this letter that we have not purchased compliant insurance, yet….but we will eventually be FORCED to in a few short years when we reach a breakeven point. Something is very wrong with this picture.

How is this right? How is this a good thing?
Affordable, No, I think not…………….

I realize that you don’t have to have ACA, but the rest of America does. Please do something about this.

Please repeal this mess of legislation, or at least take the teeth out of it. NOW!!!

Mychal Massie

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