[WATCH] Cop Flips Out, Shatters Window and Drags Driver Through Window Onto Pavement

A shocking video has emerged of a police officer smashing a car window and dragging the driver onto the road during a traffic stop.

The incident took place in Vancouver after an unidentified sergeant pulled over a man named Bodhi Sattva and told him and another passenger that he smelled marijuana. Sattva reportedly refused to open his window and asked the officer why he was stopped.

“Hit the brakes you moron. Open the door,” the officer says, but Sattva contests he has done nothing wrong and tells the officer he is on the phone with his lawyer.

“I’m not playing this game,” the officer warns. “I’m gonna break the window now in two seconds.”

The officer threatens to break the window again while Sattva says he “does not consent”.

Moments later, the officer shatters the window and drags Sattva through the window and onto the pavement.

In the video, Sattva can be heard asking “What are you doing?” He then complains that the cop is hurting his shoulder as he is dragged along the ground.

The Vancouver Police Department defended the officer’s actions, saying if drivers don’t want their windows smashed in, they should just cooperate with police.

Source: Daily Mail

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