Pence/Hutchinson Cave On RFRA – Take Matters Into Your Own Hands To Protect Religious Freedom! Here’s How!

IF you have been watching the events for the last couple of weeks, regarding the RFRA in Indiana and Arkansas, one thing should have become painfully clear, if it wasn’t before. . . .


In a bold act, the good people of Indiana, and Governor Mike Pence put forth a law that would protect the religious freedoms of ALL in that state. Arkansas followed. And, as usual a, small but very loud gay lobby, liberal media, corporate crybabies and socialist left went ballistic and put the squeeze on Arkansas and Indiana state governors. Low and behold, they caved and weakened the very legislation they, themselves put forth to strengthen already protected constitutional rights.

Even the most fervent patriots and constitutional conservative Americans have become conditioned to look to elected to solve our problems. Incremental politics of one step forward and two steps back have only led to the current state of today’s affairs. At the very core of the fiber of America’s constitution is a spirit that promotes individual responsibility and self initiative. It’s time for us to reconnect with that. It’s time to take matters into our own hands. Americans and Christians can protect their own religious freedoms, and without government intervention, and you don’t have to think too far outside the box to get it done.

As America’s Christian foundation has been attacked and eroded, we have stood by and remained virtually helpless. There have been small demonstrations, buycotts and publicly organized media stunts to send a message, that there are enough Americans out there who are actually fed up with the attack on Christianity. While those events brought positive attention to the religious abuse, they are and were a short term effort and offer no long term solution.

When Memories Pizza was attacked, by the gay lobby, for refusing to cater a gay wedding they were forced to close their doors due to the harassment received, as the story went nationwide, which is the kiss of death for a business owner. Obviously the desired result was achieved. However, A GOFUNDME account was set up to assist the owners, in hopes they would be able to keep their doors open. At the time of this post, more than $500,000 was raised for Memories Pizza. It’s a great gesture. It may save their business, but it’s not a long term solution. You can’t start a GOFUNDME account for every business owner who has been or will be attacked by the gay lobby. So what do you do?

The Solution!

Obviously, government doesn’t have the spine to stand up for these business owners, Christians or free markets. So, if you can’t be ’em, join ’em. Really! Join ’em. Cater gay weddings. Market your florist shops, photography business, and dress and tuxedo shops to gays. Provide these events, deserving of the panache and flourish, with your finest work.  Take their money. Stay with me. There is a method to this.

The gay lobby is effective, even though it is the minority of Americans. Why? Because they are unified in their message and voice. That is what makes them strong. So take a page from their playbook. Strengthen Christianity and all it stands for by giving it a resurgence into the culture. Stand unified and resolute. Do not back down and do not fear the opposition.

Take gay marriage money. Provide services to these events with all the grace and love befitting Christian faith. And then donate the profits, (after expenses, materials, overhead, salaries, taxes, etc.) to your local Christian church. Find one whose passion it is to promote traditional marriage. Ask them to use the donation, in numerous ways, to strengthen that message within your community. And then make sure you advertise your services as such. Hang a sign in your window:


(And in small print:)

All profits earned from gay weddings go to the (Yada-Yada) Christian Church which promotes Christian faith, traditional marriage and family in our community.

Politicians and government, obviously, aren’t going to do it for you, so you have to take matters into your own hands. Let the gay lobby fund the resurgence of Christianity, traditional marriage and family in America. It’s a long term and wide spread solution that will work if Americans and Christians have the fortitude to do the work. And then finish the job by going to the polls to vote out the spineless weasels who couldn’t stand up for constitutional freedom, personal liberty and free markets.

Make this post go viral. Share it with your friends and every Christian Business Owner you know. Remember, there is strength in numbers, and you can be the catalyst to bring American principles back to the culture.

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