The Seven Last Words of Jesus

What profound words from the lips of one who taught us to bless those who persecute us, and to forgive our debtors(Mathew 6:12) Instead of ‘destroy’ or ‘judge’ Jesus calls for forgiveness. He’s praying for His tormentors and dying for them at the same time. As blood flows from His wounds, forgiveness flows from His words. Have you truly been forgiven for your sins? Have you forgiven those who have hurt you? Take a moment and linger here at the cross to pray for the supernatural Grace of Christ’s forgiveness.
The Seven Last Words Are Below:

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‘Today you will be with me in paradise’ Luke 23:43

This revolting, reprobate robber becomes the only person at the crucifixion scene to openly confess Jesus as “Lord.” From his own Tree of Death he pleads for life. While his broken body was suspended high in the air, his broken heart was bowed low before the Lord of Glory. What kind of prayer posture reflects your heart. Once we finally come to the end of ourselves, we’ll see the glorious Savior’s perfect work for us. Will you trust Him today as your savior and Lord?

Courtesy of ‘Last Words of Jesus’ book available everywhere by Stu Epperson, Jr.


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