[VIDEO] Multiple San Francisco Cops to Be Fired over Racist, Homophobic Texts

Multiple San Francisco police officers are being fired after an investigation into sexist and homophobic text messages. The texts were uncovered weeks ago, including ones that read “White Power!”, “I love calling you a fag!”, and several racist ones.

For example, one of the cops texted, “Do you celebrate qaunza at your school?” Another texted back, “Yeah we burn the cross on the field! Then we celebrate Whitemas.” Another racist text read, “All niggers must fucking hang.”

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San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr took swift action, announcing yesterday he’s suspended all the officers responsible and is calling for them to be fired. He said, “There were eight standing officers who engaged in such repulsive conversation via text that I have suspended them and they have been referred to the police commission with a recommendation of only termination.”

Two officers have stepped down from their positions already.


You can watch KNTV’s reporting below:


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