Who is Alix Bryan, and Why You Should Care…. (Your college students education may depend on you knowing)

Alix Bryan, the lesbian employee of CBS reported the Memories Pizza GoFundMe account for fraud, had her own lavish crowd funded Vegas party for her birthday party.

Now Keep in mind she teaches “journalism”…..

From the Journalism Code of Ethics:

Accuracy and standards for factual reporting:

  • Reporters are expected to be as accurate as possible given the time allotted to story preparation and the space available, and to seek reliable sources.
  • Events with a single eyewitness are reported with attribution. Events with two or more independent eyewitnesses may be reported as fact. Controversial facts are reported with attribution.
  • Independent fact-checking by another employee of the publisher is desirable
  • Corrections are published when errors are discovered
  • Defendants at trial are treated only as having “allegedly” committed crimes, until conviction, when their crimes are generally reported as fact (unless, that is, there is serious controversy about wrongful conviction).
  • Opinion surveys and statistical information deserve special treatment to communicate in precise terms any conclusions, to contextualize the results, and to specify accuracy, including estimated error and methodological criticism or flaws.

Slander and libel considerations:

  • Reporting the truth is almost never libel,[14] which makes accuracy very important.
  • Private persons have privacy rights that must be balanced against the public interest in reporting information about them. Public figures have fewer privacy rights in U.S. law, where reporters are immune from a civil case if they have reported without malice. In Canada, there is no such immunity; reports on public figures must be backed by facts.
  • Publishers vigorously defend libel lawsuits filed against their reporters, usually covered by libel insurance.

Read more on the Code HERE


BUSTED: CBS Employee @AlixBryan Targeted #MemoriesPizza GoFund Had Lavish Vegas Party

Bryan 3


Alix Bryan, the lesbian employee of CBS reported the Memories Pizza GoFundMe account for fraud, had her own lavish crowd funded Vegas party for her birthday party.

Yes, Bryan once set up her own gofundme to pay for a trip to Vegas. You can view the gofundmeaccount here.


Bryan 2The lavish dinner was “greedy, stupid, and desperate,” she wrote. “There are so many people who really need things more important than this” but she still hit up her friends.

This is what she wrote.

image: http://gotnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Bryan.png

BryanBryan published a non-apology apology on Twitter. She claimed that she was concerned that the money wasn’t going to the right place.

But a closer look at her tweets reveal an obsession with gay causes and issues. She also went after Memories Pizza repeatedly.

Oh, and did we mention she teaches journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University?

There is a Facebook Page and several new Hashtags calling for apologies and asking why CBS6 is not addressing their employees actions…. Here is some of what we have found; but then again you could follow along yourself at the Facebook page HERE and https://www.facebook.com/rataction


Find out why this CBS employee filed a bogus fraud report attempting to harm a Christian family in Indiana? http://bit.ly/1FaGHFD

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