[VIDEO] Three Florida Men and A Woman Tried to Steal Honey from a Beehive, Can You Guess What Happened?

In another fine example of the Florida educational system failing its residents, three men and a woman were severely stung by bees in New Port Richey while trying to steal honey from a hive, as if they were auditioning for the live action Winnie the Pooh movie.

These three men attempted to climb a tree and steal honey right out of the beehive. And guess what happened.

The honey thieves had so many bees on them that they had to be sprayed down with a fire hose.

As one neighbor put it, “they were covered in bees, their beards, their hair, their clothes.”

While the woman only sustained a few stings, the men had up to 50 each, prompting a visit to an area hospital.

At press time, there was no confirmation if one of these men was a bear of very little brain.

Watch WTSP’s report below:


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