[PHOTOS] Would-Be Rapist Targets The Wrong Woman, Gets More Than He Bargained For

An attacker got more than he bargained for – when his chosen victim floored him twice with her martial arts skills after he tried to rape her.

The man reportedly knocked on the door of the closed establishment and asked to use the bathroom. Moments later, he allegedly attempted to sexually assault the restaurant worker.

The man tried to grab her – but had a shock of his own when she used her self-defence skills to overpower him.

CCTV images from inside the restaurant show how the woman, who was wearing a mini-skirt and heels, pinned her attacker to the floor and put her hands around his throat – warning him to leave her alone.

She then fled the restaurant but he tried to attack her again – only for the intrepid restaurateur to knock him down outside the eatery and escape unharmed.

“She was very brave and her martial arts skills saved her,” a friend of the victim said, according to the Mirror. “Her attacker didn’t know what had hit him. At one point she had him on the floor and was sitting on him with her hands around his throat.”

Two weeks later, detectives arrested the suspect and charged him with attempted rape.

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