[VIDEO] Here’s Why You Should NEVER Poke An Anaconda With A Stick

Something every person should learn at some point in life is to never poke a dangerous animal, or reptile for that matter. It’s something most people learn when they’re a child. It seems like a simple, logical concept, right? You’d certainly think so but one man in particular decided to press his luck, taking his life in his hands in the process.

Although Anacondas aren’t venomous they are still a force to be reckoned with. Having an average length of 6m (20 ft.) and a top length of 8.8m (29 ft.), the green anaconda is one of the longest snakes in the world so it should go without saying, they should be avoided at all costs.

With that being said, there’s always someone who has to test fate. There are those who refer to people like this as being a daredevil but we call them dumbasses who need their heads examined and as you watch, you’ll understand why.

The man behind the camera in the frightening video, decided he’d get up close and personal with an Anaconda to see what might happen, as if he’s Steve Irwin.

After poking and prodding the snake for a few moments to no avail, the man gave one big push with his stick that sent the Anaconda into defense mode. It suddenly sprung out from beneath the surface of the water and went right for the cameraman. In the video you can hear the man alarmingly exlaim “SHIT”, as he backs away and chuckles nervously.

The whole ordeal didn’t last more than 40 seconds but when you’re face to face with something that can easily make you a meal, time seems to slow down and even come to a stand still.

The video below should serve as a lesson to anyone who so much as thinks about poking an animal, that can eat you, with a stick. Make sure you’re sitting down before watching because what you are about to witness will likely startle you.


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