Most Americans know Obamacare is NOT the answer to healthcare issues in the country. And since its passage, into law, Republicans have vowed to “Repeal And Replace.” What you need to know now is that Republicans are not really working to give you “Repeal And Replace.” In fact, they are bargaining and compromising away “Repeal And Replace.”

Next week, the U.S. Senate votes on HR2, otherwise known as “The Doc Fix,” and it is the slippery slide into a vast expansion of medicaid, and an even longer reach into the third party providers, which ultimately affects everyone. You need to pay attention to this.

In a nutshell, this bill, on the surface, offers a funding fix for doctors who provide services to medicare/medicaid patients. Upon further inspection, this dismantles all patient confidentiality, quality care, bolsters death panels, and on and on. Listen to this interview with Dr. Kristin Held as she describes the details of why you need to know how this bill, championed by Republicans (by a vote of 392 to 37 in the House), sets the stage for full Obamacare implementation. And why you need to make a call to your Senator/Congressman/woman to oppose this bill.

What this also does is create a diversion for the low information voter/medical care consumer. Everything, all info, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment, everything siphons through the department of Health and Human Services. They have created a grading scale in which they will grade doctors depending on how well they comply with HHS’s mandates but not actual track quality of care being administered to patients. These results will be listed on the HHS website, for anyone see.

Check out this video of Dr. Held, On Fox’s Cavuto as she talks the Doc Fix and compliance.

Dr. Held also gives you an outline of why you need to think differently about groups like the AMA. These groups are heavily funded but he government. While most know the effects the NEA has in relationship to education, she explains how groups like the AMA are special interests, with their hand in the government cookie jar, in relationship to the medical field.

With this information, and knowing the Republican majorities are sympathetic to the issues other than “Repeal and Replace,” it’s time to make calls and send emails. Here’s the link to find your reps. Make contact BEFORE April 14.

Contact your U.S. Senator here!

Contact your U.S Congress here!

Here’s links to Dr. Held’s Blog for more information: KrisHeldMD and AmericanDoctors4Truth.

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