[Photos] Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer wearst-shirt that brilliantly mocks the islamic state ISIS


Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, who just proposed to Sarah Palin’s daughter, is used to taking a bold stance against evil in the world.

But since he’s no longer overseas, he’s taking on the Islamic State (ISIS), which has been threatening veterans and their families within America’s borders.

Now, Dakota has teamed up with a t-shirt company to produce shirts with this bold statement!


Here is the shirt’s description:

A lot of people in the media and the military have made a big fuss about the domestic ISIS threat towards American servicemembers and veterans. It’s good to be aware and cognizant, but my only fear is that my fellow veterans will let this threat consume them with fear. This is not who we are as American veterans and, more importantly, as American people.

We are a people who climbed our way up the chain by conquering fear head on—a people who have always faced difficult times and overcome. […]

This latest threat will not rattle me. This latest threat will not break me. I will not let fear overcome me.

ISIS conquers and maintains power through fear. Cowards who do this cannot last because they don’t have the patience or prudence to build. Organizations who rule through fear are the first to buckle to it.

We are Americans. We can’t buckle—the system and our people won’t allow it.

I want the world to know: The cowardly flocks of sheep will always submit to the waiting lions.


What an awesome shirt! A great way for him to tell ISIS terrorists exactly what he thinks of them.

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